Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Hot Sandwich Melts, Turkey and Cheddar Dijon

Oscar Mayer deli fresh. Shaved smoked turkey breast; Kraft 2% milk reduced fat natural sharp cheddar cheese (1/3 less fat than sharp cheddar cheese); Grey Poupon Dijon mustard; Kraft light mayonnaise (1/2 the fat & calories of mayonnaise); Harvest wheat sub roll. Complete sandwiches. Makes 1 sandwich. Light mayonnaise contains 4 g of fat and has 40 calories; mayonnaise contains 10 g of fat and has 90 calories per pouch (12.4 g), Kraft 2% milk reduced fat natural sharp cheddar cheese contains 5 g of fat compared to 8 g of fat in sharp cheddar cheese. Experience a sandwich that has all the warmth, the flavor, and the fresh baked taste you look forward to, without having to go out. In no time at all, you can create a lunch for one, served with soft, warm bread shaved meats and premium cheeses, all individually wrapped for freshness. Hot, melty and delicious, it's lunch on your terms. Create something great! Bon appetit! Fresh baked taste in 60 seconds.