Equal 0 Calorie Sweetener Original - 50 CT

Equal® Original 0 Calorie Sweetener. Original Equal® taste. 0 calorie sweetener. 50 packets. Net wt 1.7 oz (50g). At Equal®, we believe that enjoying life shouldn't make you feel guilty or make you compromise just to save calories. That's why Equal® is a great choice for people who want to cut back on carbs and calories, and still enjoy the great sweet taste they crave. Green tea citrus chiller: For this and other delicious drink recipes, go to www.equal.com/recipes. Equal can be used in a wide variety of recipes. For best results when cooking and baking with Equal, use recipes designed for Equal or add to recipes after removing from heat to maintain sweetness. Equal may become less sweet in some prolonged heating applications. Together we can Stop Diabetes®: American Diabetes Association® Equal® is proud to support the Stop Diabetes® movement. Sweet as 2 tsp. sugar. Suitable for individuals with diabetes. 100% Recycled Paperboard®. Recyclable. Questions about Equal Call toll-free 1-800-323-5316, or write to Equal Consumer Affairs, Box 1280, South Bend, IN 46624-1280. Equal is a registered ™ of Merisant Company. Visit us at equal.com. ©Merisant Company.