Papa Nicholas Coffee Coffee, Ground, Medium Roast, Breakfast Blend 12 Oz

Air roasted. Cold blended. Est 1897. Rise & shine. Quality coffee since 1897. Shaped by heritage, crafted for you. Nicholas A. Papanicholas - Founder. You're holding a whole lot more than premium arabica coffee. These beans are the product of 5 generations of honing our craft, defining our process & just really, really loving coffee. We draw deeply on our past but we're here for the coffee drinkers of today - we craft our coffee for you. Read more about our story at All About the Grind: Ground Coffee: Our coffee is a medium grind for use in most conventional auto-drip coffee makers. How We Raise the B.A.R: Blend After Roast. Just like life, coffee crops are constantly changing. So how do we keep your favorite blend tasting just as good batch after batch? We cold blend all our coffees after we air roast each origin separately. It's an extra step worth taking & it's how we raise the B.A.R (Blend After Roast). Air roasted by origin. Top 5% high grown Arabica. Shade grown. Fair living wage. Responsibly sourced. Bird friendly. 5 Papa Points: Customer rewards.