Honest Tea Sweet Tea

Brewed organic black tea leaves. 100 calories per bottle. Fair Trade Certified tea. USDA organic. Thirsty for more info? See what's inside! Remember simpler times? When a text was something you carried in a book bag and tea was brewed in a kitchen or on a sunny porch - not a lab. Our smooth country-style tea is brewed with real organic tea leaves. We add just enough organic cane sugar and naturally sweet organic stevia to create a delicious (not too) sweet tea with 100 calories per bottle and no funny business. It's refreshingly simple and simply unforgettable. Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. Caffeine: 45 mg/bottle. About 1/3 the caffeine of 16.9 oz brewed coffee. We welcome your honest feedback. honesttea.com. Black Tea Leaves are Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. USDA organic. Gluten free. No GMOs. Plant a tree. No GMOs means we don't use ingredients produced using biotechnology. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.