Minute Maid Juice Beverage, Strawberry 16 fl oz

You found it. The palate-popping prodigy. The mouth-watering, taste-bud tingling, holy grail of juice drinks. It seems that while you were clickity clackin’ away looking for a non-carbonated juice beverage online, Minute Maid blessed you with refreshing Aguas Frescas. If your eyes could taste words this would be a whole lot easier, so we’ll just have to do our best to describe the super-duper, knee-slapping, salivatingly sweet strawberry sabor. AND, bonus points for creating a juicy twist on Abuela’s favorite flavor—a delicious Latin American-inspired symphony for your senses. Doing the salsa from your taste buds to your tonsils, this juice drink is so refreshing, you’ll call your mom for something other than a doctor’s appointment.