Penafiel Mineral Water Beverage, Toronj Ada 20.3 fl oz

Twist open a Peñafiel® ToronjAda, Mexico’s most refreshing tradition, and enjoy the authentic taste of Mexico with our grapefruit-flavored sparkling mineral water. Proudly and naturally sourced from Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico since 1928, Peñafiel® ToronjAda was inspired by the refreshing mineral water flowing from an immovable volcanic rock. Peñafiel®, made from the words “peña,” meaning boulder, and “fiel,” meaning faithful, you can taste Mexico’s history in every sparkling sip. Peñafiel® ToronjAda contains naturally occurring minerals and incomparable fruit flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Peñafiel® ToronjAda delivers a real taste of Mexico with natural mineral water, refreshing bubbles, and delicious grapefruit flavor. It’s the perfect beverage to drink on its own or as a mixer for your next party. Just add Peñafiel® ToronjAda to make your new, modern cocktails, and classic favorites, or skip the alcohol altogether and make the perfect, delicious mocktail everyone can enjoy. So, when you’re looking for a way to satisfy your craving for great grapefruit flavor, look for the ‘Hecho en Mexico’ label on an ice-cold Peñafiel® ToronjAda. It’s the ideal sparkling water to quench your thirst with the great taste of grapefruit and the bubbly refreshment of sparkling mineral water anytime, anywhere.