MiO Energy Iced Mocha Java Iced Coffee Concentrate 1.62 fl. oz. Bottle

MiO Energy Naturally Flavored Iced Mocha Java Coffee Concentrate with Caffeine provides delicious iced coffee flavor with a boost of caffeine and B vitamins. Just a squeeze will transform plain water into an instant mocha with the iced coffee flavor you love. Made with real coffee, this mocha concentrate delivers 60 milligrams of caffeine per squeeze. Its packed in a travel sized 1.62 fluid ounce bottle you can take on-the-go, helping you stay awake and motivated no matter where life takes you. These coffee flavor drops dont need to be refrigerated. Just one squeeze packs enough flavor for 8 fluid ounces. Whenever youre craving java, turn your bottled water into an iced mocha energy drink for a delicious caffeine fix anytime, anywhere.