Salada® Pure White Tea 1.24 oz. Box

A selection of only the finest hand picked white tea buds from the far east. Naturally blended tea since 1892. All natural. As pure & natural as mountain mists. White Tea is the least processed of any tea and is named for its silvery whitish appearance. White tea comes from newly formed tea leaves that are hand picked only at certain times of the year. To preserve the delicate flavor and goodness the leaf is immediately dried. Since white tea is the rarest of all types of tea, it was traditionally reserved for Chinese Emperors. Salada 100% Pure White Tea, harvested in the cloudy mountain mists of China, produces a pale colored liquid. As might be expected, the flavor is subtle and mellow - creating a delicious taste sensation. Our Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, we will replace it or refund the cost, whichever you prefer. Send the lid of this package including the five digit embossed code along with price paid, date and place of purchase, your printed name and address, and reason for dissatisfaction to: Salada Foods Division Redco Foods, Inc. PO Box 1027 Little Falls, NY 13365. Salada White Tea contains specially selected and delicately picked tea leaves that deliver a great taste cup after cup. This special blend is full of natural goodness for a refreshing day start to finish. Savor the pure & natural qualities of Salada 100% Pure White Tea, just right for today's healthy lifestyle. Visit to learn more about freshly brewed tea! To learn more about White Tea, please call us at 1-800-645-1190 or visit our website at: We're just waiting to enlighten you!