Vita Coco Coconut Water with Acai & Pomegranate

Hydrate naturally. Like sticking a straw in a coconut. More electrolytes than leading sports drinks with 15 times the potassium. Has more potassium than two bananas (Don't tell the monkeys) - potassium keeps your body properly hydrated and prevents cramping. 100% natural. Hydrate & kick some free radical butt. Free is not always good. Listen up! Most people may think that free is good. Sure if it's free food, free money or free shoes. But free radicals are bad, they cause wear and tear on your cells. Who wants that? (Probably, no one). That's why pomegranate and acai have joined forces to provide you with a coconut water rich in antioxidants. Think of it as a little superhero kicking one free radical butt at a time. Now you can breathe easy. So hydrate yourself, and go back to mooching free wi-fi from your neighbor. Does not contain gluten. Imported from Brazil.