College Inn Broth, Chicken 48 oz

Broth makes it better!•Simmer rice and grains.•Saute vegetables.•Braise chicken and chops.•Poach fish and eggs.•Reheat leftovers.•Mash potatoes.•Boil pasta.•Marinade chicken. Inspired creativity. College Inn® broth is in a league of its own, thanks to premium ingredients like stock made from plump chicken, farm-grown vegetables and the perfect balance of seasonings. College Inn broth is the special ingredient that aspiring at-home chefs depend upon for cooking more flavorful and adventurous dishes for family and friends. In 1923, Joe Colton of Chicago's College Inn restaurant ignited a trend among home chefs with his innovative dishes like Chicken a la King & Lobster Newburg, made with his signature chicken broth. Today, College Inn continues to inspire at-home chefs with delicious broth and stock, so you can create more great-tasting meals. Premium Quality Ingredients Since 1923 No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives