Bush's Best Seasoned Recipe Dark Red Kidney Beans

Used in New Orleans and much of southern Louisiana for the traditional Monday Creole dish of red beans and rice, there's no question red kidney beans have a rich history in the United States. Well, we here at Bush's know a thing or two about rich histories and traditions. And if you ask us, for a dark and full-bodied bean flavor with a zesty kick, there's no better choice (on the bayou or otherwise) than BUSH'S Seasoned Recipe Kidney Beans. With their well-balanced flavor and firm texture, they're just as perfect for soups, stews and other dishes with longer cook times. Add Zesty Flavor To Recipes. We select the highest quality beans to ensure the perfect taste and texture, with a hint of sweetness. Our Kidney Beans are grown, cooked and canned in the USA. 8g (12%) of plant based protein per serving. Good source of fiber (See Nutrition Information For Sodium Content).