Pop Tarts Fruit Variety Pack

Frosted Cherry: Artificially flavored. Frosted Blueberry: Naturally & artificially flavored. Frosted Strawberry: 370 Calories per 2 pastries. Frosted Cherry: 370 Calories per 2 pastries. Frosted Blueberry: 370 Calories per 2 pastries. Good source of 3 B vitamins. 4 Frosted strawberry. 4 Frosted cherry. 4 Frosted blueberry. Eating your Pop-Tarts one way isn't picky but it's pretty cocky. Fully baked & ready to eat! or heat. or freeze. or stack. kelloggs.com. how2recycle.info. KFR.com. poptarts.com. Questions or Comments? Visit: kelloggs.com. Call: 1-800-962-1413. Provide production code on package. Visit us at poptarts.com. K Vets & Supporters: Supporting Veteran Recruitment at Kellogg. Kellogg's Family Rewards: Collect points. Earn rewards. Two easy ways to collect points! Go to KFR.com to learn more. Certified 100% recycled paperboard. how2recycle.info. RSPO: Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Mixed. Proudly baked in the USA.