A&W BBQ Sauce

A&W® BBQ Sauce. Rich'N Hearty. Great For Dipping! Naturally & Artificially Flavored. Be Smooth-Grill With A&W An Authentic American Classic. Net Wt 17.5 oz (1 lb 1.5 oz) (496 g). Enjoy the smooth, creamy flavor of A&W root beer on the grill. The taste of A&W will add an unexpected, layered richness to your barbeque. Whether basting, marinating or dipping, you'll savor every bite. Be smooth-grill with A&W BBQ sauce. A&W is a registered trademark of A&W Concentrate Company, used under license. Call: 1-800-989-8482. www.vitafoodproducts.com. www.rootbeer.com. ©2012 A&W Concentrate Company.