Mt Olive Pickles, Kosher Hamburger Dill Chips 16 Fl Oz

Introducing the perfectly sliced pickle chips, ready to stack and snack – The Mt. Olive Kosher Hamburger Dill Chips. But don’t let the name fool you, because these pickle chips go with more than just hamburgers. Sandwiches, absolutely. Fried pickles, definitely. Get creative and design your own pizza featuring spicy ground beef with dill slices on top. Include them in your favorite healthy wraps. Or just pop them into your mouth for a fun burst of bright and fresh pickle flavor. These kosher dill chips are ready to mince up into relishes and garnishes. Sprinkle chunks of pickles onto your next batch of deviled eggs. Mix them into potato salads and tuna salads for a zesty change from the ordinary. Party platters are a natural – lay them out and watch as your friends scoop them up. Kosher Hamburger Dill Chips are available in 16 oz jars that are freshly packed for maximum crispiness and crunchiness. Pre-sliced for your convenience, ready to use right out of the jar. You can find these pickles at your favorite local supermarket or grocery store across the US. Give your burgers an extra bite while kicking up the flavor with these tasty pickle chips.