100% Organic. Unsweetened, Non-Alcaline, Superb Baking Cocoa. USDA Organic. True to nature. Indulge in the pure decadence of Rapunzel 100% Certified Organic Cocoa Powder. Our premium cocoa beans are harvested deep within the lush jungles of the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Grown by farmer cooperatives, Rapunzel cocoa beans are carefully roasted, ground and pressed to release the essence of dark, rich chocolate. Experience the distinctive flavor and velvety texture of Rapunzel unsweetened cocoa powder in all of your baking -- or even in a Hot Cocoa. The True to Nature Way: Since 1974, Rapunzel has been committed to producing delicious organic foods and to preserving a more ecologically sustainable and healthy world. Rapunzel 100% certified organic cocoa beans are grown and purchased through the Hand in Hand fair trade program, which ensures farmers in developing countries are paid based on a fair pricing structure independent from the world market. These farmers also receive a premium for protecting the environment by growing only organic fruits and vegetables. Rapunzel believes in giving back to the cooperatives that adhere to sustainable farming practices. That's why we contribute to education, health and environmental programs dedicated to improving the quality of life in local communities. Product made in Germany.