Cleanlogic Body Sponge, Sea Foam, Charcoal Infused

Bath & body care. Gently cleanse away toxins and impurities. Deeply cleanse, massage, and exfoliate dull, dry skin. Ideal for cleaning the entire body. The Cleanlogic Charcoal Infused Sea Foam Bath & Shower Body Sponge is textured to gently scrub away the outer layer of dead skin to unclog pores. The charcoal is embedded into the cellular walls of the sponge during the manufacturing process and will not wash out over time. The infusion of charcoal enhances your cleansing experience by drawing out impurities, oil and toxins. This exfoliating sponge also stimulates circulation, so skin can breathe freely. Like us on Facebook at Thank you for purchasing an IMS Brands with Braille product. I founded the Inspiration foundation in honor of my mother who devoted her life to helping people with vision loss live fulfilling and independent lives. It is my mission to create awareness and support for people with vision loss. - Isaac Shapiro, President/CEO IMS Trading. Made in China.