Just For Me No-Lye Texture Softener System

Just For Me® No-Lye Texture Softener System. New improved conditioning. Loosens and softens natural hair textures. With sunflower oil, macadamia oil & bamboo extract. Children's no-lye texturizer. For fine, medium, or coarse hair types. Please read all warnings on side panel. 1 application. Just For Me no-lye texture softener: Designed with girls in mind, our texture softener loosens tight curls, for hair that's more manageable and less prone to breakage. Features an anti-breakage nourishing oils treatment that helps detangle and reduce breakage during processing. Our nourishment essentials conditioner restores hair's moisture balance, so hair is left looking soft, smooth, and healthy with bounce! Your curly girl can spend less time worrying about her hair and more time loving it! Loosens and elongates tight curls with less frizz: Before: Tightly curled hair can tangle and break easily. During: Texture Softener™ loosens curls while anti-breakage nourishing oils treatment helps to reduce breakage. After: Looser curls that are easier to comb and style. Please read all warnings on side panel. New improved conditioning! And for your convenience: 1 wooden spatula. 1 pair of gloves for protection. Instruction sheet. Questions or comments Call 1-800-372-6146 (USA and Canada) 0860 572 861 (South Africa). ©Unilever. Visit our website at www.justformehair.com.