Sheffield Laboratories Dinosaur Fluoride Toothpaste, Bubble Gum Gel

Yummy. Fluoride protection for health teeth. Tastes great and is gentle on kids' teeth. Makes brushing fun, so kids will brush longer. For cavity fighting protection. Do your little dinosaurs love to eat and hate to brush their teeth? If your junior jurassics are anything like ours, you know they will eat everything. Even if your kid-a-saurs eat healthy foods, they still need to maintain good brushing habits. That's why Sheffield Labs has created Dinosaur Fluoride Toothpaste. It's great bubble gum flavor makes kids want to brush more often. Brushing with Dinosaur Fluoride Toothpaste regularly will give your little dinosaurs the cavity fighting fluoride protection they need. Our Dr. Sheffield invented toothpaste back in 1850 and Sheffield Laboratories has been producing quality products every since. Dinosaur Fluoride Toothpaste is another fine product from Sheffield Laboratories manufactured with Dr. Sheffield's same commitment to quality.