Clorox Free Bleach, Color Safe

For colors. Free of dyes and perfumes. For standard & HE washers. Cleans & brightens better. Removes tough stains, brightens colors, whitens whites, safe for every load. Remove stains and brighten colors without having to worry about perfumes or dyes. Now Clorox2 Color Safe Bleach comes in a free version - free of perfumes and dyes. Clorox2 Color Safe Bleach Free has all of the great stain fighting & brightening power as Original. It works better than detergent alone on tough stains, such as red wine, mustard, berry juices and dirt. Also Clorox2 Color Safe Bleach is now better on tough grass stains. Use Clorox2 Color Safe Bleach with your detergent in every load to power out on tough stains and brighten fabrics for brilliant colors and vibrant whites! Add Clorox2 product with your favorite detergent to every load - it works great on: colored loads, white loads, dark colors, mixed loads, delicate fabrics, bright colors. Made in the USA.