Scotties Facial Tissue 2-Ply

Scotties® White Unscented Facial Tissue. Our softest ever*. Planting trees for the future™. We plant 3 trees for every 1 we use. 75. 2-ply facial tissues. And flies at sleepy summer's pace to each up – lifted flower face. Tree planting promise. "We plant three trees for every one we use to produce Scotties® products". Planting trees for the future™ over 770 million trees have been planted by J.D. Irving, Limited. Our tree planting activities are managed by specialists at J.D. Irving, Limited, a Canadian company with over 50 years of award-winning responsible forest management. To learn more visit Scotties: the hypoallergenic facial tissue Scotties contains no inks, dyes or fragrances and is whitened without chlorine. Any comments or questions you may have regarding Scotties would be welcomed. Cl2, whitened without chlorine. No dyes or fragrance. 100% of J.D. Irving, Limited woodlands are certified under SFI. Scotties facial tissues are manufactured, packaged, distributed and sold by Irving Tissue, Inc., under a trademark licensed from Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ®Registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. used under license by Irving Tissue, Inc. Tm trademarks of Irving Tissue Corporation. ®Registered trademarks of J.D. Irving Limited. Used under license by Irving Tissue Corporation. Renewable Forest Project™. Oh ladybug, I wish you goy as you complete your garden chores. ©2010 Irving Tissue, Inc. Please write: Irving Tissue, Inc., 25 Burlington Mall Road, 6th Floor, Burlington, MA, 01803. Please email: Please call: 1-800-952-6633 (9AM – 5PM eastern time, weekdays). *Based on Scotties internal testing since 1997. Irving®. J.D. Irving, Limited. Visit us at SFI®, certified fiber sourcing,