GE Rough Service 60 Garage Door Opener Light 60W Bulb - 2 CT

GE Rough Service 60 Garage Door Opener Light. Specialty. For indoor use. Rugged filament and mount withstand rough handling and shock. Volts: @130. @120. Light output: 500lumens. 380lumens. Energy used: 60watts. 53watts. Life: 2000hours. 5400 hours. Contains: 2bulbs(A19). To save energy costs, find the bulbs with the light output you need, then choose the one with the lowest watts. Specialty bulbs from GE offer innovative solutions for a variety of lighting needs. The garage door opener light from GE is designed with a rugged filament that withstands vibration better than regular light bulbs, so it lasts longer. Be sure to check your garage door opener for correct wattage. Visit us on the internet