Soldanza Maduritos 2.5 Oz

Ripe plantain chips. No sugar added. Made with natural ingredients. Soldanza Golden Ripe Plantain Chips! This is the ultimate snack, made from expertly ripened plantains. When each fruit reaches its exact point of ripeness, called the golden point, then we select it to be made into delicious tropical snacks. Grown in the humid rainforest regions, plantains are a basic food to families in Central America and the Caribbean region. We hand-select every plantain for ripening, to ensure it is in perfect condition, so that every snack delivers that explosive natural taste of the rainforest. Enjoy our tropical snacks and share with your friends. Soldanza Golden Ripe Plantain Chips are always rainforest fresh and deliver natural goodness, free of additives, cholesterol and trans fats. Enjoy natural snacking! Comments? Call Toll-Free International: 1-888-343-Snax (7629). Facebook/Soldanza. Dispose of properly. Product of Costa Rica.