Veladora Mexico Candle, Saint Judas Tadeo 1 Ea

Saint Judas Tadeo: Saint Apostle! Saint Judas, faithful servant and friend of Jesus! You, who have been forgotten for having had same of the traitor that delivered Jesus in the hands of his enemies. This church glorifies and invokes you universally like patron in the most desperate and difficult situation. Without your help, i am so alone, please, i beg that you use the special priviliges granted you to help people quickly when all hope has been lost. Come to may aid in this great time of need so i can receive your consolation and aid from heaven in all y trails and tribulations, (submit your prayer), and we may praise god together. I promise glorius Saint Judas, that i will never forget this grand favor and i will always honor you as my special and powerful patron and will do everything possible to cultivate your devotion, amen.