Lipari Old Tyme Mini Deli Pretzels 20 oz

Lipari Old Tyme is inspired by an older time. Imagine you are leisurely walking down Main Street of a small town in 1960, taking your time, peering through shop windows as you pass them. There's probably a barbershop, perhaps a milliner, definitely a five-and-dime, and of course, a mom-and-pop hard-ware store. As you approach the corner, some wonderful aromas are wafting through the wooden screen door of the neighborhood delicatessen. You stop to study the chalkboard menu featuring today's sandwich special that stands on an easel outside. As you enter, you hear the ring of the tin bell at the top of the doorframe, and the sound of your heels on the worn wooden floor echoing throughout the small cluttered room. You approach the counter filled with partially cut wheels of cheese, whole smoked hams, roasted white turkey breast, cooked-to-perfection roasted beef, salamis and fresh sausages and you detect the smell of fresh dill coming from an open pickle barrel. While you're waiting to place your order you glance around the room and take in the i people sitting at tables covered in red and white checked oilcloth enjoying their luncheon delights. All the diners seem to be enjoying their deli specialties while chat-ting and sipping soda from glass bottles through paper straws. It was this memory of the old time delis, which inspired the creation of an exciting new line of Lipari Old Tyme products. So it is with great pride that we introduce a line of deli products developed on the traditions of the old time deli.