Zatarains Sides RIce Pilaf 6.3 oz

Long grain rice & orzo pasta with vegetables & spices. No artificial flavors. A New Orleans tradition since 1889. Sides. Made with real vegetables. Pilaf is an ancient dish with variations found across Central Asia, the Middle East, India, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. Despite wide-ranging recipes, a hallmark of rice pilaf is grains that are distinct, perfectly tender and infused with flavor. For more than 300 years, New Orleans has been cultural melting pot of influences that create cuisine that only New Orleans knows how to dish out. Rice Pilaf combines bell peppers, onions, garlic and fight seasoning with long grain white rice and orzo pasta to make a versatile side for any meal. Jazz it up with Zatarain's. No MSG added (except those naturally occurring glutamates). No colors from artificial sources. Follow the Zatarain's Tradition on Facebook and Instagram! Visit for more fresh, bold recipe ideas. Love our mixes? Give us a call and let us know! 1-877-837-3796.