Goya Rice & Pigeon Peas 7 Oz

Authentic Caribbean recipe. Cholesterol free. 0 g trans fat. Fat free. For microwave instructions see inside pouch. Create a little excitement around your chicken or pork tonight. Discover the Caribbean’s best loved side dish - Goya rice & pigeons peas. Hand-picked tender green pigeon peas, from high in the mountains, slow simmered with the flavor of ham, onion, and cilantro, with long grain rice. Ahhh! It’s a snap to prepare with an aroma that hints this is no ordinary side dish. Just one taste and you’ll know why it’s the rice and bean lovers’ favorite rice and bean dish, Goya rice & pigeon peas. Some Great Goya Ideas for Dinner! Sliced pork loin. Cook Goya rice & pigeon peas as directed and serve alongside sliced pork join and a variety of vegetables for a great meal. Authentic pasteles. An authentic Caribbean favorite! Cook Goya rice & pigeon peas as directed. Serve with Goya pasteles and garnish with sliced pimientos and cilantro. For all the foods, recipes and cuisines of Latin America, visit goya.com the ultimate resource for Latino cooking.