Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix

Our famous Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix is a premium blend of long grain rice, dehydrated vegetables, and spices. Add the traditional flavor of New Orleans to your menu. Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix is a New Orleans classic that will bring a robust, bold taste to your menu. Made using carefully selected, premium ingredients, you can count on these packets to introduce traditional Creole flavor and flair to your commercial kitchen. Whether you're looking for a flavorful side or want to recreate authentic favorites like jambalaya, this rice mix will help you enliven your menu. This dirty rice mix is made using premium long-grain rice to achieve authentic Southern Louisiana results. The blend's full-bodied spice comes from dehydrated vegetables like red and green bell peppers, while garlic and onion round out the mixture and add an aromatic, flavorful finish. Each 40-ounce box of Zatarian's Dirty Rice Mix is designed for culinary professionals, helping to enhance back-of-house efficiency. The packages are user-friendly and yield precise portion management. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can prepare this mix with a cooktop, steamer or oven. Regardless of the cooking method you choose, you'll have a full 2-inch hotel pan of rice in 40 minutes or less. Having Zatarain's dirty rice on hand makes it possible to create standalone dishes or all kinds of entrees mixed with ground meat. Whether you add chicken, sausage, ham or seafood, creating a hearty meal has never been easier. Spice up classic menu items or use this red rice mix to inspire new dishes. You'll find that this rice makes the perfect side, stuffing or base for tacos. You can also add beans for a filling side or vegetarian entree. Regardless of how you decide to use this jambalaya rice mix, your customers will keep coming back to enjoy the feel and flavor of The Big Easy. Because each box is made using premium ingredients and is kosher, you can feel confident knowing you'll be serving your customers nothing but the best.