Stainmaster Hardwood Floor Cleaner Citrus Scent

3x cleaning power vs water. Safe for woods floors. Protects from stuck-on grime (with regular use). Hardwood Floor Cleaner: The Stainmaster brand transformed the carpet industry in 1986 with our revolutionary stain-resistant technology. We continue to provide easy care & protection solutions, so you can enjoy the simple pleasure of a cleaner, more comfortable home. Stainmaster Hardwood Floor Cleaner, with Invisitech cleaning and surface protectant technology, safely removes dirt and grime for a quick, easy clean every time. Reveal the natural beauty and shine of your wood floors with no dulling residue. Cleans. Shines. Protects. Stainmaster Hardwood Floor Cleaner delivers a quick and convenient cleaning solution straight from the bottle with no additional mixing or diluting needed. Thanks to the convenient spray trigger, it's a great option for cleaning small or large areas. For product questions, call 1-800-283-5547. Need something reliable for your vinyl or tile floors? Try Stainmaster Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.