Tropical Pepper Pepper Sauce, Xxxxtra Hot Habanero, Ouch!

Special Edition. Use On: Chicken wings; Burgers; Tacos; Barbecue; Ribs. Secrets of the Sauce: So you think you're ready for the big leagues? Well, grab onto your tastebuds, because this sauce is not for the faint of heart! The habanero peppers in here are hot enough to melt the polar ice caps. But this sauce is also big on flavor, so if you can stand the heat, you'll definitely want this in your kitchen. Use at your own risk! Try some of our other Tropical Pepper Co. products for an out of the ordinary flavor experience! Add Fire To: Soups; Gravies; Rice & beans; Casseroles; Stews. 1-800-545-1748 Ext 800. Product of Costa Rica.