Fresh Express Artisanal Salads Wild Rocket Zest

Artisanal blend of zesty arugula and seasonal petite greens. Natursave Bag. 50% less plastic. Grown in small crops artisanal blended. Zesty flavor. Select varieties. Grown in small crops. Thoroughly washed. Ready to eat. No preservatives. Discover seasonal flavor of Zesty Arugula. Our Wild Rocket Arugula is artisan-grown for its distinctively peppery yet smooth nutty flavor, and velvety texture. Blended perfectly with petite mustard greens, Wild Rocket Zest has become a seasonal tradition to savor while it lasts, even without dressing. Fresh Express Artisans are passionate about delivering the freshest, highest-quality, most flavorful, seasonal salads possible. Colors and ingredients may vary throughout the season. Product of USA.