REESE'S White Creme Peanut Butter Hearts Candy, Valentine's Day, 2.4 oz, King Size Pack

Heart-shaped REESE'S white creme peanut butter candies make Valentine's Day gift-giving even more exciting. Wrapped inside an adorned king-size pack, these peanut butter hearts are best paired with a card and flowers to sweeten up any Valentine's celebration. Who wouldn't want a pack of scrumptious REESE'S white creme hearts? Give this festive candy to family members, friends and colleagues to brighten up their day and help them take a moment for themselves. You may need one for yourself, too! Don't forget to save some for your family movie night, as an after-dinner dessert or as you enjoy an evening of baking festivities. Add them to your favorite recipes to make delicious desserts. Stuff a REESE'S white creme peanut butter hearts candy inside your favorite cookie dough or place a few on top of a yummy chocolate cake. Make sure to fill your candy bowls for everyone to enjoy a sweet bite. REESE'S peanut butter candies are a decadent bite of creamy peanut butter surrounded by smooth white creme. Valentine's Day just wouldn't be the same without them!