Southern Recipe Foods Pork Rinds, Cilantro Lime, Oven Baked, Small Batch 3.625 Oz

Coated in sunflower oil. Gluten free. 33% less fat than our regular fried pork rinds (Total fat has been reduced from 4.5 g per serving to 3 g per serving as compared to our regular fried pork rinds). Less than 1 g total carbohydrate per serving. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Baked. Recipe no. 72. Our pork skins are hand selected and cooked in small batches. We've baked our pork rinds for a new snack that has less than 1 g total carbohydrate per serving. Small batch recipe no. 72, Cilantro Lime, is packed full of fresh citrus notes paired with a savory pork rind crunch. Use them as a scoop for guacamole or a topper on your favorite taco. Take your crunch to the next level. Be Big. Be Bold. Be adventurous.