Stok Coffee Beverage, Cold Brew, Dark Roast, Espresso Blend, Black 48 fl oz

Welcome to the dark side. SToK Espresso Blend Un-sweet Black Cold Brew Coffee is our darkest roast yet. Brewed low and slow for at least 10 hours, StoK Espresso Blend balances SToK’s signature smoothness with roasted and complex espresso flavor. Notes of chocolate and nuts? Yes. Shades of dark fruit and caramel? Still yes. Bitterness? No way. We blend coffee beans from three distinct growing regions for a flavor that’s deep and layered– just the way you want your espresso. With 145 milligrams of caffeine per serving, you can enjoy this dark roast coffee in the morning, afternoon, or any time you want. Because whatever the occasion, it definitely calls for more cold brew.