Sunsweet D'Noir Prunes Pitted

Dried plums. Amazingly delicious. A good source of fiber. Prunes are fat free. Pitted. California grown. No added sweeteners. Preservative free. Grower owned quality. Our 100 year legacy. After nearly 100 years of effort, we're very proud to introduce our new D'Noir style prunes. Many prune lovers (and even non-prune lovers) agree they are the freshest, most delicious and natural tasting prunes ever. Our family of cooperative growers start by lovingly growing a special prune-plum variety in lush California orchards. We then identify a select few that meet our D'Noir standards and pack them moist, tender, and pure (without preservatives) using a proprietary method that took us almost 100 years to get just right. The result is an amazingly fresh flavor. Once you've had a chance to enjoy - please tell us what you think online. Fruits & veggies more matters. Please recycle. For questions or comments call: 1-800-417-2253, 9AM-6PM EST, Mon-Fri. Diabetic Exchange: 1-1/2 fruit.