Terra Kettles Potato Chips, Kettle Cooked, Chesapeake Bay & Beer

Chef-inspired flavors. Terra Chips, like you, are always tasteful and interesting. Now Terra wants to introduce you to a new friend - Terra Kettles, a line of kettle cooked potato chips with delicious chef inspired flavors, will leave you wanting for more! These chips are kettle cooked to a crunchy perfection and seasoned with chef inspired flavors. Terra Kettles are certain to deliver the all natural goodness and delicious taste you've come to expect from Terra. So whether you're looking to complement sandwiches, entertain guests or indulge in a snack of your very own, Terra Kettles are the chips that will truly fit the bill! A mid-Atlantic favorite, Chesapeake Bay & Beer seasoning is a stand-out flavor for a potato chip. Perfect for any snacking occasional these tangy chips combine paprika, celery, bay, garlic, and onion, with a hint of natural beer flavor. You are sure to enjoy this traditional American seasoning on our crunchy kettle cooked chip. Made in the USA.