Thomas' Original Mini Pretz-A-Bagels - 10 CT

Pretzel taste in a bagel shape. Salt packet inside - 20 g packet of salt. Specialty bakers since 1880. Low fat. I'm part pretzel, part bagel! That's right, I'm a bagel baked as a traditional pretzel. It's that baking process that makes me darker. So, no, I'm not burnt. I'm a great snack for the whole family! I'm great right out of the bag or warm me up for a different experience. I get along famously with your favorite toppings - butter, cream cheese, mustard or pb&j. I'm great for mini sandwiches too!. Not salted ?! I have no salt on me because I am freshly baked and give off a little moisture in the bag. But don't worry, there's a salt packet here inside with me if you need it!