Truly Indian Bombay Aloo Curried Baby Potatoes

Truly Indian™ Bombay Aloo Curried Baby Potatoes. India's Premium Choice. New Improved Recipe! Lower Sodium, Great Taste. Medium-Hot. All Natural. Gluten Free. Suitable For Vegetarians. Ready In 2 Minutes. Net Wt. 10.5 Oz (300 g). Truly Indian, India's food ambassador to the world, brings you a complete range of Indian ready-to-eat delicacies. Each recipe has been developed by master chefs to bring out the rich aromatic flavors that hail from India. Great care and meticulous detail go into the preparation of each recipe. When it comes to Indian cuisine, Truly Indian is the paragon of authenticity. Bombay Aloo is a delicious dish of baby potatoes simmered in a rich mildly spiced curry sauce. Enjoy this delectable preparation with rice, naan bread, or garlic bread. Try the Truly Indian complete range of authentic dishes: Palak paneer: Curried spinach and paneer cheese cooked to perfection in a mild sauce. Matar paneer: A delicious medium-hot dish with peas and lightly fried paneer cheese. Dal makhani: A delicious vegetable dish with tomatoes and black gram lentils in a butter sauce. Aloo matar: An authentic vegetable dish with northern india made with potatoes and peas. Chatpate choley: A delicious hot and spicy vegetable dish, with chick peas in a tomato sauce. Pav bhaji: A delicious vegetable dish with potatoes, tomatoes, onion, cauliflower and peas. Shahi rajma: A traditional curry dish with tender red kidney beans in a medium-hot sauce.