Twizzlers Candy, Cherry, Bunnies 7.1 Oz

Bite-sized, chewy and cherry-flavored, these TWIZZLERS bunny-shaped candies bring a whole lot of fun to your Easter celebrations and traditions. Pour them into a covered candy dish to set out while dying Easter eggs or have the bag ready while baking in the kitchen. You and your little ones can decorate the Easter Bunny cake, or you can have the kids place individual cherry-flavored bunnies on top of cupcakes, brownies and other desserts for a fruity addition. You can also gift the entire bag of TWIZZLERS candy to individual Easter baskets for those in your family who enjoy cherry-flavored sweets. As a low-fat, kosher treat, TWIZZLERS bunnies candy can put a hop of sweetness into your holiday celebrations, whether you eat them one-by-one or by the handful. And if you're in the sharing mood, pass this bag around so that everyone can enjoy some fruity bites of cherry-flavored bunny candies.