100% Natural oil rich (Based on U.S. Fish & Wildlife Research). Over a century of commitment to quality. Since 1894, the Wagner family has been committed to producing the finest bird food products. Wagner's is the first family dedicated to offering the widest assortment of quality products to increase you bird watching pleasure. You can be sure that when you offer the birds Wagner's, you are giving them the best, and in turn are helping to keep America's songbirds singing! Feeding Birds Year Round: By feeding birds Wagner's quality foods consistently, all year 'round, you'll attract the widest variety of birds. Feeding is important in the spring and summer when natural seeds are scarce. In the winter and fall, feeding supplements their increased demand for a high energy diet. Always have fresh water available and keep our feeder clean, free-flowing and full of seed. In addition to the job of feeding birds you'll feel a closeness to nature and help the environment right in your own yard. All natural.