Ziyad Rice & Lentil Pilaf

Delicious Mediterranean rice & lentil dish flavored with onions. All natural. Microwaveable pouch inside. Ready in 2 minutes! All natural. No preservatives. Premium quality Mediterranean foods. Since 1966. From our family to yours. All natural. No preservatives. 100% vegan. Vegetarian. Come, taste the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean. A promise of quality, great taste & convenience. This is a product you and your family will enjoy. We guarantee it. Mujadara: Mujadara is one of those Mediterranean dishes that fools one into thinking it's an easy to make, one-dish meal. In reality, it's not hard, but nor is it simple. One must cook each item independently and mix them carefully in order to achieve the contrasting textures and flavors that make this a successful dish. Nutritionists have recently discovered that lentils and rice consumed together are extremely healthy. Mujadara/Rice & Lentil Pilaf can be the main course or served as an accompaniment to Chicken, Beef or Fish.